How to use the various features of Yggdrasyl Server, going way
beyond what a Vanilla Minecraft Server can do. Try /help


Postby Inscrutable » Thu Mar 15, 2012 7:06 pm

I am proud to announce the return of Movecraft as version 8.2dev (by AJCStriker and Codename_B).

SIGNS DO NOT WORK, they are working on this but don't expect quick results.

To use an airship, type /airship pilot and /airship release to let it go.
Similarly, there is /car drive, /submarine dive, /boat sail, /ship sail, /elevator embark,
/ufo pilot, /uso pilot, /house levitate, /fireboat sail, if your group has the permission.
(some are reserved for use by Staff, such as UFO, HOUSE and DRILL).
The release and remote commands are the same for all movecraft types.

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