Spout Paralysis Dance

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Spout Paralysis Dance

Postby Inscrutable » Sat Jan 28, 2012 9:50 am

Yesterday, players started having issues with being unable to move.
The player would be stuck in the same spot, with the view angle oscillating between two points.
Nothing short of /kill (or a bucket of lava on the head) would end this hysteresis.
[It ONLY affected players using Spout. Standard login worked without a hassle]

It definitely affected ticktock123, iFruit and biddyboy123, all of whom lost all xp.
Please contact an admin if you would like some free xp as compensation.

This was a Spoutcraft bug. I reported it, and It seems to have been fixed in SC#1092.
(that's ONE version ahead of last night).

If you get this problem, try (1) updating Spoutcraft to at least 1092,
or (2) play using a minecraft until Spoutcraft gets fixed. Thanks for your patience. :D
Spout is gone for good :( But from the ashes of several projects arises Sponge
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