Server Crash Wipes Inventory

Server Crash Wipes Inventory

Postby Inscrutable » Wed May 29, 2013 7:56 pm

It seems that something still occasionally makes Sirius Crash.
I have no idea what, there is no trace in the log - it just starts again.
I suspect it is RTK causing a restart because some (plugin) process has locked up for an unreasonable time.
Pretty much all the same plugins run OK on Yggdrasyl, except CraftIRC and Transporter.

The most serious aspect of this is that the players are ejected from the server,
dumped in Arcturus Lobby, and their inventories are reset (to whatever the lobby thinks
they should have, usually nothing). From an inter-server point of view, this sucks.

If anyone has the remotest clue what is going on, or how I might be able to trace it to the cause,
please pitch in. If I can't resolve it, Sirius is never going to succeed.
There are no wgen plugins, no per-world mob-spawns, no fancy java startup arguments.
Java memory is set to 1.5GB max, which *should* be more than enough from experience.

=> Owexz, is there anything we can do to mitigate what bungee/Transporter does to the inv of
disconnected players?
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