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DONOR Ranks and Privileges

Postby Inscrutable » Sun Jun 30, 2013 11:56 am

Hiya all.

You may be wondering, "What do I get if I donate to help keep the Server alive?"

Well, apart from a fuzzy warm glow inside, and the eternal love of an army of undead
spanner-wieding chipmunks, here are some things that might entice you to give us money:

This is a short (and incomplete) list of Features we can sell on Sirius Server
(some of this also applies to Vega, TBA)
*Note that these are introductory prices, and are subject to change.*

- Citizen and Denizen are usually Free ranks (Denizen = Trusted).
- Denizen ($10 - permanent upgrade. May also be provided for Free to nice people)
- Engineer ($5=month. $25=6 months, $50=1 year)
- VIP ($6=month. $30=6 months, $60=1 year)
- Promotion to Staff Ranks is not a Paid Privelige. Aesir choose the staff.

- WorldGuard Region $3 (32 x 32 x 64h, permanent, not relevant for Engi+)
- ONE-OFF KITS (to be negotiated, eg. Diamond Armour + Tools $3)
- Custom Title (Prefix & Suffix) $2 (permanent)
- Schematic Import $4+ (negotiable, needs admin clearance)
- Personal Stargate $4 (intra-world only, $8 for Inter-world)
- Public Stargate $2 (intra-world only, $5 for Inter-world)
- Customised Command-Block (Cost by arrangement, Min $2)

CUSTOM PERMISSIONS (negotiable) :shock:
- mcMMO xp perks $1
- custom Movecraft Type $5
- mob Type Ignores Player $2 (Bounty removed)
- More to be arranged by negotiation.
- absolutely NO Private Worlds, OP or Creative Mode.

Donations may be arranged via PayPal with Owexz or Inscrutable.
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