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Staff Of Sirius

Postby worm424 » Wed May 15, 2013 11:19 pm

These are the Staff of Sirius Survival Server:

Server Staff:
Inscrutable - Absolute Power. Server Owner and Console Operator. Also Overlord of Arboria
Worm424 - 2nd In charge. Focuses on the front end of the server as well as social interactions. Co admin of VorteX
Owexz - Admin in charge of Arcturus network. Also Co-admin of Vortex
MsInscrutable - Spare Global Admin and co-Overlord of Arboria
ScruffyRules - Overlord of Yuggoth
Ticktock123 - Overlord of VenusX
NIN3 - Global Enforcer. Also an Overlord of Nebula.

Please do not ask to become staff. We will ask you, if we think it appropriate.
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