Introduction to Vega

Introduction to Vega

Postby Owexz » Fri Aug 02, 2013 6:27 pm

Here are the instructions on how-to-use a few important plugins on the Vega server.

When you place your first chest, you'll get an automatic land claim around the chest.
You'll see glowstone and gold blocks on the ground, outlining your claimed area
(those blocks are inside your claim). Those blocks are only markers (you can't collect them),
and only you can see them. Place other valuable blocks like more chests, your furnace,
and your bed within the protected area to keep them safe. To see the markers again later,
you can use a piece of string (right-click).
When you get a golden shovel, you can expand your claim or create additional claims (see the video below).
Use /AbandonClaim to delete a claim you own,
or /AbandonAllClaims to delete all your claims at once.
The simple claim sharing command is /Trust, which gives another player
permission to build in your claim. /AccessTrust grants access to ONLY buttons and switches,
while /ContainerTrust permits a player to access your claim and additionally open
your containers (chests, etc) and use your crafting equipment.
Use /UnTrust to revoke any granted permissions, and /TrustList to see who has permission.
You can permit another player to share his permission level with others by using /PermissionTrust.
That player can't resize or delete your claim or use /PermissiontTrust on your behalf,
but you should use this command sparingly because you may soon find that many strangers can
access your claim. To clear away all permissions for all players in your claim, use /UnTrust all.
Here is a brief video that explains and demonstrates most of this:


Lockette allows you to Lock doors, chests, trapdoors, furnaces, dispensers, and more.
A sign is all that is needed, and you can edit it afterward if you need to change it.
Up to two other players or groups can be added to the sign, or just Everyone.
More signs can contain the names or groups of additional permitted users.
The Video should demonstrate most of this, but you can always type /lockette in-game.

Store your XP in bottles for safekeeping or to transfer it between servers!
    /bottle to check your XP,
    /bottle [amount] to transfer your XP into [amount] bottles
    /bottle max to transfer all your XP into bottles.

BIAB is a plugin that allows you to store an entire building in an enderchest.
This enderchest can be placed to allow you to instantly construct a shelter, or picked up
to pack the building away again. Note: Only Engineers can use designs other than the
standard "House", provided free of charge upon login.
There will be a fee to add in custom schematics, however Engineers will have access
to an expanded range of schematics free of charge.

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