Welcome to Vega!

Welcome to Vega!

Postby Owexz » Sun Jul 14, 2013 8:49 pm

Welcome to the;
Vega Survival Server


Vega is a Vanilla-style gameplay server run by Owexz and hosted in San Francisco by DigitalOcean.

As with all the servers on the Arcturus Network, Vega can only be accessed through the Arcturus Lobby, at:

To access Vega, simply join the Lobby Server and head over to the Vega Stargate, upon entering the Stargate, you shall be instantly taken to Vega.

The essence of Vega is good old-fashioned Vanilla PvE Survival, go build your strutu
Vega's Rules are very simple:
No PvP
No Griefing
No Abuse
No Discrimination
No Theft
No Exploitation of Bugs

Play fair and have fun!


Here is an explanation of the powers and abilities of the various Ranks

May break and place blocks, craft and pick up items
The basic bukkit commands /tell /list /me /kill /help
Lockette Permissions
Cenotaph (Locked death chest) quickloot, free signs, /cenotaphlist. (You still need to supply your own chest)
Spoutcraft cheats, miniumap, autorun & sign colours.
Access to non-staff Stargate networks.
Build-in-a-Box Permissions for the Standard House

Build-in-a-Box usage permissions for all Schematics.
Keep Backpack contents after death. Free Cenotaph Chests.
Engineers are also the first rank to have access to WorldGuard. Using /region they can define regions,
redefine them, claim regions, add or remove members and owners, get info, alter region flags,
set member priorities, and remove/delete them. See a staff member if you need help with this.

The first STAFF Rank and not available even by request.
These folk can promote and demote players, Kick, Ban, and a bunch of other secret powers.

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