Agrarian Skies Skyblock Server (1.6.4)

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Agrarian Skies Skyblock Server (1.6.4)

Postby Inscrutable » Sun Jul 27, 2014 12:38 pm

Hi all (anyone who still reads this ...)

I'm running the Agrarian Skies Hardcore Skyblock Mod pack (v 3.1.1) for MC 1.6.4 on the default MC port.
That is,

Use the Feed-the-Beast launcher to run it, it's amongst the 3rd-party mod packs.

Anyone welcome to join in, I'll set up a new area if we get a new team.

It's been quite amusing so far. Many many hilarious fatalities. :twisted:

[EDIT]: Updated to version 3.1.2 on 9-8-2014. Still Questing ...
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