WELCOME TO YGGDRASYL - New Users Please Read

Greetings and Introductions to the Yggdrasyl Server(s)
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WELCOME TO YGGDRASYL - New Users Please Read

Postby Inscrutable » Sat Dec 31, 2011 10:56 am


Welcome to the Yggdrasyl Minecraft Server Public Forum!

Server IP: yggdrasyl.dyndns.org:25575
Dynmap: yggdrasyl.dyndns.org:8123

To get Build Rights, either
    (1) Know one of us, and get a recommendation, or
    (2) Post an introduction/application on the appropriate place on this forum,
    telling us about yourself and what you'd like to achieve here.

The server is presently set to accommodate 15 simultaneous logins (slots).

Gondwana was originally created using MC 1.8.1. It may be replaced one day.
You can harvest resources and use Stargates to travel to the other worlds to build. It is presently unbounded.

Midgard was made using the TerrainControl plugin, and features four custom biomes:
Glaciers, GentleMtns, SnowyMtns and Savannah. The existing biomed have also been tweaked,
giving some crazy-volatile jungles, and mountains that reach up to almost the full map height.
Over a hundred custom BOB objects (mainly trees) are also randomly scattered over the map.
Water is still at height 64, but mineral veins can turn up much higher than usual in mountains and
a few other biomed. Swamps feature soul sand and embedded obsidian.
There are several large player-developed towns, including Chwampa (Polynesian) Edo (Japanese)\
and Anduin (Viking). The server's namesake World Tree can also be found on Midgard.

Arboria is a custom-made map from the late Arcturus Server, using Terrain Control's from-image mode.
The 9km island is only half of the intended final map, which will be finished using MC 1.8 (new stone!).
It features over 80 customised biomes, 400+ custom trees/objects, and terrain of almost any type imaginable.
There is also a vast ocean with rare emerald-rich reefs, and the world is rich with coal but low in iron.
It is the most heavily built-on map the server has ever had, and is a favourite of the admins.

- These worlds give players the opportunity to mine, farm, build and explore in the most extreme
terrain the game can handle. Assistance is available for those who have interesting ideas.

Notes on the other worlds TBA.

Inscrutable - CEO Admin Owner and Supreme Evil Overlord. Fixes everything.
MsInscrutable - First Mate, 2nd in Charge.
worm424 - Enforcer, Moderator, test hamster.
There are other Mods but they like to keep quiet about it. Most of our Mods are camouflaged.

The server should be up from around 10am to 2am AEST.
Downtime may occur between 2-10am, or briefly for updates when required.
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