The Worlds of Yggdrasyl

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The Worlds of Yggdrasyl

Postby Inscrutable » Tue Mar 13, 2012 10:23 pm

It is time I introduced the worlds we use (and have used) on Yggdrasyl server,
(and on Celeano Server at Molten-Servers from February-July 2011).

We started with a purely Vanilla World, at a time when Mobs caused massive lag. Molten insisted all servers turn the mobs off, so for the first 2 weeks, we had a mob-free vanilla creative world. :P
Inscrutable was the only MC account in the family at that time, so me, msI and the kids shared it.
Ticktock made a nice multicoloured shop with the new wool, and I made one and a half galleons.
The world was a bit dull, and I had recently dicovered BiomeTerrain mod. Some experimentation with the settings and a lot of exploring later (to +-1000) and we had a new world to upload.

Based on the old "Euphoria" settings of the BiomeTerrain mod, the world contained vast slabs of terrain that jutted above the ground and occasionally formed large floating islands at various heights. Many large grottos were formed by the underhangs, and the ocean was crazy deep and alomost down to bedrock in places. Custom trees were also added, Baobabs and palms defined using the old-fashined tree generator. It was a wild and interesting map, with lots of strange terrain to explore and build on, and abnormally large coal seams.
I added Borderguard to stop the map edges getting uglified by new (non-biometerrainmod) terrain.
Spawn was made in a small adminium spacecraft hovering around height 100 over a desert, with streams of water from the engines allowing egress (and entrance for the patient) and signs declaring plugins.
Notable Builds: Shiro's Sky Compass and Island fortresses, Giangt Lught Bulbs hanging from flying islands, the frozen wonder of Castle ZeroK, the Cantina, Giant Statue of Worm424 (!), Huge Palm Tree, Giant Skull.
We kept this world for several months, one month after mobs returned it became clear that it was a bit too hostile (too much shadow, lots of mobs everywhere all day and night) and we decided to make another map.
By this time PhoenixTerrainMod had been (re)born, and I used it's new capabilities more subtly. Fifty iterations of customised settings later, and I finally had the terrain I wanted:

I wanted Vast, Deep Oceans, with large gently graded Islands with some mountainous terrain, and a few smaller ones. I got it in spades (long before Notch decided they were trendy) and even with a diminished water level (ocean height 60). I made a 2000 x 2000 map and uploaded it to the server as the Pirate Islands map of Celaeno.
Notably, there were ridiculously large deposits of gold beneath the islands (and a more subtly enhanced boost in iron availability) that made mining interesting, and builds and armour get a yellow hue.
I still have some cartographs and ZIP files of the maps uploaded on MediaFire somewhere
(rummages for links)
I also have a colour enlargement of the original Islands map, with nothing built on it, on my Study wall.

It was the busiest map we have ever had. Minecraft was very popular, we had a large crowd of players that mostly knew each other IRL, and a lot of community co-operation was happening, mediated by plugins.
ChestShop and Lockette were vital, and there were vigorous debates about pricing and the existence of Admin Shops. A vast Greenstone Mall formed the foundation of the major town of Lightning Flats, and players expanded around it in ever-increasingly grand architecture. Movecraft began to fly to- and fro-, and there was competition to see who could be the top at various MCMMO skills, who could be the richest, and players had a place in the scheme of things. Dynmap was provided, and creepernerfing led to a Save-the-CReeper campaign - which ended abruptly when they turned into Tossers and started throwing players off cliffs. (There are two videos on YouTube of our server, filmed by ladydarksky, one shows her being assaulted by the Tossers).
Notable Builds: Plastic Beach, Pandora Castle, Lightning Flats, Caldera Bay, Danger Island, Carpenteria.

This was our third and final map employed on Molten-Servers. There was a massive TNT party on the last day, and a lot of folks decided that was the end for them. But I exported the map to my home PC and relaunched the server as Yggdrasyl. (I had been testing the whole month prior to that, had figured out Bukkit and Plugins, and realised that I didn't need to host it commercially - It just wasn't a big enough server to need it. Thanks Spider266 for good advice and help on the transition. Vale Molten Servers, they folded in December 2011 :( Thanks for the memories, Molten! )

It is a world custom-made to have NO natural dungeons (but with lots of nice custom trees, over a dozen varieties). Dungeons, Castles, Pyramids, and other structures to be explored are to be made by the
Engineers - who are the only class to have build rights. As they increase in level, they get access to more powerful tools - give, creative mode, buildR (cuboids etc). The mobs should Ignore them completely (*not working at present, known PEx bug*) and they leave locketted cenotaphs (deathchests) so their spawned goods cannot be looted if they accidentally perish. They may place treasures in their builds to be looted by Explorers (RestockIt is being tested atm) and constuct elaborate Deathtraps to protect them :twisted:

The Explorers have no build rights, but can interact with Mobs, use chest shops, and make money (unlike Engineers, who don't need it anyway). Lockette signs may be created for them by Engineers, and they can buy real estate in desirable locations - like the spawnTown and on Windrock Isle. They wander the map in search of goodies, money, and new builds to explore and exploit. Increases in rank grant access to new stargate networks, and (back when the plugins worked) mobrider, hookshot, better kits, better accomodation, bigger deathchests and free signs for them, and more fringe benefits I can't recall.

We actually had this up for over two months last year, with a plethora of players and a great deal of success. Mobrider, hookshot, movecraft and a few other plugins added to the fun as players went up ranks. It was intensely competitive, although it was hard to find a fair method for Engineer promotions.
Now I have rebuilt it (as much as possible, anyway) and remade the career classes (but only three ranks of Engineer and Explorer instead of 5, a lot of signs to change, or maybe I re-add them). The admins are Seraphim In order to filter players, the spawn world is a new world called

A new MC 1.23 world that I don't plan on keeping. It is just there to test plugins, but some players are in love with their builds. I guess WE can fix that, and I will add a new spawnworld instead that is just Creative oriented.

An old creative world, when we got brick steps added to the game. Lots of voxelsnipering.
There is a vast airship servicing tower in teh ocean, surrounded by numerous working Airships.
There are also several Giant forests, with giant trees and the first vines.
A huge (but crude) chinese dragon flying was made with voxelsniper over the ocean.

An old creative world. It has a park full of redstone device demonstrations by Shiro!
Our first test of Giant Trees, spotted around the landscape in various forms.

A recent creative World. It has Mings Palace and some of the Moons of Mongo, a village renovated by MsI,
the longest road we've ever made on a map, a giant jukebox, a stained glass cathedral, a massive nude,
a giant banana, a floating foot, several giant faces, and a truly bizarre spawn.

Dark07's experimental Redstone research Lab on a flatworld. Not much there.

An extreme test of PhoenixTerrain Mod, twisted pillars of earth stretch from the low ocean to height 128.
Occasional sunbeams pierce the gloom of subterranean grottos, and there is just enough space to build.
Climbing up from sea level is a real challenge. This world was played with very few plugins - no nerfing...

A City World by Daddychurchill's classy mod, early version. I made a construction site after we demolished
a few buildings with TNT. Worm and others went all over the place removating buildings. MsI made a very
nice looking brothel. There is a clock tower, carpark, police station, firetruck, ... quiet a lot of stuff.

Sphereworlds made while the plugin still worked. This is immense and features stuff done with VoxelSniper.
There is a giant tentacular tetrahedron made from mossy cobble, a huge netherrack and wool tree, and
scattered builds by a few players including several movecraft of varying types.

The present Survival Server Homeworld, made in MC 1.81 and continued to present, with some odd terrain borders due to evolution of the terrain generator (B1.8 - B1.9 - 1.0 - 1.1 - 1.2). MsI and I started playing on this map on our own, as a private server, and ported it to public after a couple of weeks. By then, we had made a simple home at spawn and started a new shop complex, worked an undersea mine out and started looting a stronghold. As players started to arrive, most settled around the original Spawn (behind Splendida gate, near FirstHome) and then they began to settle into the town of Barrio Mutante, which MsI was renovating.
We moved the spawn when we became a public server, made some new builds and a stargate to support it, and several of the regulars started working on sites scattered around the map.
There isn't as much trading as there was on Celeano, partly because there is no central massive mall for shopping (like there was on the Islands) and partly because the newer players are (on average) younger than the former crowd and don't regard it as important (They just swap stuff, iconomy money isn't often needed). But Movecraft is as popular as ever, with numerous flying vehicles parked around the server - there is an aerial dock on the galleon floating above Barrio.

Made using WellWorld, another worldgen from Daddychurchill.

A City World by Daddychurchill's classy mod, later version.

Formivore's Walled City, Walls and Cellular Automata allowed to run riot! Deadly!

A brand new Minecraft 1.23 world, with a pristine Jungle in sight of Spawn at (0,0).
This was added to the Survival Server, but was scarcely visited by players (except themurdererguy).
It was removed to make room for the next world...

Midgard was made using the latest TerrainControl plugin (2.1.8), and features four custom biomes:
Glaciers, GentleMtns, SnowyMtns and Savannah. The existing biomes have also been tweaked,
giving some crazy-volatile jungles, and mountains that reach up to almost the full map height.
Over a hundred custom BOB objects (mainly trees) are also randomly scattered over the map.
Water is still at height 64, but mineral veins can turn up much higher than usual in mountains and
a few other biomes. Swamps feature soul sand and embedded obsidian.
- This world gives players the opportunity to mine, farm, build and explore in the most extreme
terrain the game can handle. Assistance is available for those who have interesting ideas.

The most recent addition, a pristine 1.3.2 generated world with a border of 1000 at present.
Loot is for exploring and, as the name suggests, looting. We are unlikely to keep it in the long run.
This gives players an easy way to find 1.3.2 terrain features, without walking to the undiscovered
fringes of Fragilus.
Spout is gone for good :( But from the ashes of several projects arises Sponge
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Re: The Worlds of Yggdrasyl

Postby NIN3 » Wed Mar 14, 2012 10:03 am

Awsome. I remember that I came and visited your server just as you were leaving molten(I think), and then joined up and started building on your new worlds. Straght from the strange world of classic creative :D
I was gonna post a forum picture here, but it took up half the page :D
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Re: The Worlds of Yggdrasyl

Postby worm424 » Wed Mar 14, 2012 5:27 pm

Wow i feel old i've been here since Euphoriax where i also became a server mod
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