The Minecraft 1.9 Update has reached Yggdrasyl

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The Minecraft 1.9 Update has reached Yggdrasyl

Postby Inscrutable » Fri Mar 11, 2016 10:43 pm

Rejoice, etc etc.

Minecraft's 1.9 update has finally arrived, and it is now running on Yggdrasyl Server
(with the usual horde of plugins, thanks to Spigot). Bugs are very likely ;)

The plugin QuantumConnectors is broken, as is the old end world, Gondwana_the_end.
The world Doom has replaced it, and is linked in the usual way (ie end gates).

Sponge is still WIP, so there aren't enough plugins to transition to it (yet).
Maybe by next MC update. We shall see. A SpongeForge test server is likely. :D
Spout is gone for good :( But from the ashes of several projects arises Sponge
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