Yggdrasyl is 1.7.10 compatible

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Yggdrasyl is 1.7.10 compatible

Postby Inscrutable » Sun Aug 24, 2014 1:03 am

:!: Any 1.7.X client can login, although I recommend 1.7.10.

(It's been this way for a few weeks, sorry for the delayed news.)

A new CityWorld build has tempted me to do a sand-flooded desert cityworld - Samarkand.
Survival there is quite a challenge, and Movecraft and Cannons help a great deal.

The new Movecraft is quite a big deal, no lighting bugs any more and magnificent functionality -
giant doors, collapsible buildings, TNT cannons, movable chests, missiles and way more. :D

Also, WE HAVE NBN - National Broadband Network. 100 Mbps Up and 40 Mbps Down.
Do try it out and tell me if our legendary international lag has diminished. It should have.

With this, we may do a server relaunch very shortly, with a player recruitment drive.
Not sure on what to do, the current update plan is highly nebulous. :?:
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