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Sponge Community Server

Postby Inscrutable » Fri Nov 24, 2017 6:50 pm

This is a little overdue...

I am now in charge of the Sponge Community Server, the demo server for Spongepowered.org

The address is demo.spongepowered.org

It's a persistent 24/7 hosted server running the latest SpongeVanilla and many many plugins.
It's been up for years, and has many many player slots, plus friendly admin staff.

Visit the Sponge Forums sometime and see what it's all about. https://forums.spongepowered.org/

PS: The Living Labyrinth (Tartarus II) plan is still alive, and it has an organisation on GitHub to support it - YggLabs.
It hasn't had much work in the last few months, but it's not looking too shabby.
Spout is gone for good :( But from the ashes of several projects arises Sponge
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