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Welcome Email

Postby worm424 » Sun Jan 06, 2013 12:45 am

Here Is the welcome email sent to me when I joined on 27/3/11
Welcome to Celeano!

Celeano is a Whitelisted Multiplayer Minecraft Server, hosted by Molten Servers in Sydney, Australia.
We are running Minecraft v1.301. The server is paid for by Inscrutable and MsInscrutable.
It is occupied by our real life friends.

Mobs and animals are presently disabled on servers at Molten, due to lag issues. Hopefully they will be back soon…
We *are* running Bukkit, and the plugins MCMMO (the RPG Mod), Spells, and PumpkinDiver.
Our current map is the world of Euphoriax. This 3000x3000 map is a customized BiomeTerrain product,
using settings modified from “Euphoria”. The border has been fixed with BorderGuard.
It features flying continents, deep seas, rare large veins of ore, and many custom trees.
We run this server to be sure that we have a place that is well managed and free of idiots and griefers.

We choose which plugins to run and what worlds to make, and suggestions from players are welcome.

We want a place that is co-operative and creative, but also with the perils that Minecraft has to offer (such as creepers and lava).
[Unfortunately Mobs are off at Molten Servers at the present :-( ]

· Do not steal
· Do not light forest fires
· Do not swear gratuitously (double entendres are allowed)
· Do not destroy or sabotage other peoples Builds
· Warn others before using TNT in their vicinity
· Please try to leave the world a nicer place than you left it :-)

Inscrutable is Chief Admin, and has Darth Powers in-game (teleport, kick, ban and spawn goodies).
Moderators MsInscrutable, gizmomelb, CrafterCult666, Dark07 and Shiro_Kuro have similar powers.
If asked nicely, we may spawn goodies for you or teleport you out of danger.
All players have access to the powers and abilities listed in the plugins.
And if you cross us or break the rules, we will kick and/or ban you.


Borderguard Lite:
An invisible border has been set at 1500 squares from spawn.
This prevents new terrain generation and map bloating.

Pumpkin Diver
Wearing a pumpkin helmet extends the time allowed underwater by
10x the normal length. There is a HUD prompt alerting users of air
remaining at each 10% interval when wearing pumpkin helmet.
* Choose a texture pack with a good view out of a Pumpkin! *
(Or press F1 to disable the HUD, but this also turns off air warnings)

MCMMO (The Minecraft Multiplayer RPG Mod)
There are two elements to this plugin:
The Party system allowing groups to team up, have private chat, and teleport to each other, and
The Skills system, where experience gives you better results
(like extra drops, bonus items, more healing, …)

Skills System Info
Mining - Mining increases depending on the materials you mine.
Mining ores will give much more XP than just mining stone.
How much XP depends entirely on the rarity of the ore.
Diamond and Lapis give the highest XP. High skill levels increase the
chance of double the normal items dropping.
Wood Cutting - Its finally time to show the tree huggers who's boss, cutting
down trees is the only way to level this currently. Higher skill levels will
allow double drops, becoming more common as your skill develops.
Repair - By re-forging old and battered equipment, this skill helps the player
Use less resources when repairing with an anvil. Anvils are constructed
via 9 Iron Ingots in a crafting table (an Iron Block).
Unarmed - Punching the hell out of monsters will gain you experience, but
you shalt not be rewarded from abusing farm animals. Really, where’s
the fun in taking out your aggression on Pigs? With this skill players
can actually make unarmed useful for combat, great for combat even.
Get this high enough and you can disarm what other players are
holding and drop it to the ground.
Archery - This skill will let your damage increase at higher levels, and you
can eventually daze players providing a very beneficial pvp benefit.
Higher levels of archery will let you retrieve arrows from corpses.
Herbalism - This one is for the Harvest Moon fans, picking herbs up
(flowers, mushrooms) and harvesting crops will help raise this skill.
Benefits include double drops from farming and increasing the
effectiveness of bread and stew.
Swords - This will give you even more reason to stab monsters between the
eyes. Gaining skill in swords will help your swordsmanship of course,
allowing you to perform a parry. Parries happen automagically and
negate all damage. Higher skill levels will lead to parrying more often.
High levels of Swords will let your gouge your enemies and bleed them
to death.
Axes - Embrace your inner Viking with the axes skill. No longer are axes just
for obsessively chopping down forests. With the axes skill, players will
be able to do critical hits, instantly killing monsters and causing severe
damage to players. As your skill increases, your chance to critically
strike will too. At a certain skill level Axes damage will even be
upgraded. What axe you use matters for the damage scaling, use a
Diamond Axe for maximum damage.
Acrobatics - Finally the days of spraining your ankle have paid off, no longer
will you look down a 100 meter drop with fear. With the acrobatics skill
your ability to negate fall damage increases. And how do you negate fall
damage? By rolling of course, a secret passed down through the ages.
Tap into this mysterious 'rolling' ability by falling and training your
body. If you're good enough you will never have to worry about fall
damage again.

Party System Info
Type the following in chat to get results:
/party tells you what party you are in and lists party members
/party <partyname> makes you join party <partyname>
/p Toggles on/off private party Chat
/invite <player> Sends an invitation to <player> to join your party
/accept Accept any pending party invites
/ptp <player> Will teleport you to the designated party member

General Commands
/mcmmo Displays a description of the mod and how to play
/mcc Displays a list of mcMMO commands in game
/<skillname> Displays information of the skill in game
/stats View detailed information on your mcMMO stats
/setmyspawn Set your own personal spawn location
/myspawn Return to your own personal spawn as if you had died
(use this instead of in-game suicide)

To cast a spell, using the named spells below, use /cast <spellname> Most spells do not take parameters –
if they do, the parameters are optional and meant to represent different or more powerful versions of the spell.
Many spells use a target (the block under your cursor).

Exploration spells:
blink: Teleports you to, or through, your target location.
peek: Temporarily turn the target surface into glass.
ascend: Teleport up to the nearest standing place above you
(blink does this, too).
descend: Teleport down to the nearest standing place below you
(blink does this, too).
recall: Set a marker and teleport to it later (aim up to return). [I cant seem to make this work—Inscrutable]
spawn: Returns you to spawn.
torch: Place a torch at your target location.
Aim at the sky to create day, ground for night.

Construction spells:
bridge: Extend the ground under your feet.
[I cant seem to make this work either—BG]
pillar: Create a pillar at your target location.
stalactite: Same as pillar, but downward.
shell: Build a dome around your target using your selected material.
blob: Create a sphere of your selected material.
box: Build a large, hollow box- makes a great starter home.

Alchemy spells:
rewind: Undo your previous spells, one at a time.
alter: Alter certain blocks (stairs, logs, leaves, wool).
transmute: Modify the material used in your last construction.
fill: Fills the selected volume.
paint: Fill a single block with your selected material.
absorb: Give yourself some of whatever you're pointing at.
recurse: Recursively replace the target material.

Mining spells:
blast: Similar to tunnel, but is targeted and spherical instead.
mine: Mines out the targeted ore vein, and drops the ore blocks.
(Not rewindable).
disintegrate: Destroy the targeted block.

Help spells:
heal: Heals you to full health.
day: Changes the time to day (torch does this, too).
night: Change the time to night.
cushion: Creates a (Final Fantasy-inspired) temporary water bubble,
meant for landing on.
manifest: Give yourself some material by name.
Only gives building material blocks.
invincible: Makes you impervious to damage.

Combat spells:
fireball: Throw a Ghast fireball! (It's invisible, due to server issues)
arrow: Fire a magical arrow.
sandblast: Drop a giant ball of and on your foe (thanks, anon!)
fire: Start small or large fires. Great for lighting portals from a distance! {NO FOREST FIRES PLEASE}
lava: Fire a very destructive, not-yet-temporary, stream of lava- CAREFUL!

Other spells:
tree: Grows a tree magically.
frost: Freezes water and snows up other blocks.

Notes on Spell Use
Selection spells (fill)
Cast once to select first point, cast again to select second and cast spell. Note that, unlike cuboid, you can select distant points. Right-click with a stick (change spells with your wand) to cancel a spell in the middle of selection.
Material spells (transmute, fill, blob, bridge, pillar...)
Some spells act with your "selected material". This is the first block in your active inventory (starting from the left) that can be used for building.
For selection spells (fill), you can change the material after the first selection by left-clicking while holding a material.
The transmute spell is a special case- it allows air as a selection. So if you want to use a material for a transmute, make sure if it's the left-most material in your inventory.
Rewindable spells (not tree, fireball ... but most other construction and/or destruction spells.) The undo system is a work-in-progress, but it's getting fairly mature. It makes an attempt to put back objects such as torches or minecart tracks that were attached to blocks you break. It tries to track blocks that fall due to gravity. It cannot rewrite signs :P

Please ask others on the server before using spells to change the time of day,
And especially when using TNT (Or you may get banned).
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