We found the first Celeano website

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We found the first Celeano website

Postby worm424 » Sun Jan 06, 2013 12:23 am

here's the contents
Welcome to Celeano!

Celeano is a Whitelisted Multiplayer Minecraft Server, hosted by Molten Servers in Sydney, Australia. We are running Minecraft v1.502 (Clients use 1.501!)

Monsters are presently disabled except on special occasions, because they spawn in shadows all day. Many builds that exist are highly vulnerable to creeper damage.

Bukkit 733 will be installed very soon, when the plugins are updated to suit...

Our current map is the world of Euphoriax. This 3000x3000 map is a customized BiomeTerrain product, using settings modified from “Euphoria”. The border has been fixed with BorderGuard. It features flying continents, deep seas, rare large veins of ore, and many custom trees.

Very soon we hope to be installing an Islands map (crafted via BiomeTerrain Mod on MC1.401) that will have no flying islands and few overhangs… and a lot of water :)

Watch This Space……
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