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Conundrum is a battle to the death, fought on large, floating islands, connected by bridges, teleports and waterfalls. The islands are covered with hidden loot and strange contraptions with the best loot found in the Dark Lands under other islands. Conundrum is designed for up to 18 players, and one or more admins.

All players must hop into a capsule in the starting area, with a limit of one capsule per player. Once everyone is in their capsules, the Host will hit a lever in the Admin Room, beaming players across the main island, where they can commence their battle.

Player Rules:
One life only
You may only destroy Leaves, Mushrooms and Clay.
You may not place any blocks.You may use crafting tables and furnaces on the map.
Do not walk on or leave the Glass Sphere.
Do not damage the teleports or admin equipment.
Flying, hacking and minimaps are not permitted.
The last player standing is the Victor.

Admin Rules:
Command Blocks must be enabled on the server.
The Admin is to start the game when all players are ready.
The Admin is not permitted to add anything (Items, Mobs, Blocks, etc) to the map.
The Admin cannot give items to players.
If a player is stuck in an area which they cannot escape from, or get off without falling into the Void, the Admin must teleport them onto the nearest safe location.
Conundrum: First Foray (ADFLY)
Conundrum: First Foray (DIRECT)
If you enjoyed this map, please consider donating to Dominion, the server behind it's creation and testing;
DONATE: ... ff58186118
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