Rules of Yggdrasyl Server

Rules of Yggdrasyl Server

Postby Inscrutable » Thu Dec 29, 2011 11:51 am

These are the Rules of Yggdrasyl Minecraft Server.

*** REVISED for the NEW CREATIVE / ADVENTURE SERVER *** [6-Jan-2013]

Most of them should seem pretty obvious, just common sense.
Please obey them if you want your stay to be a pleasant one.
Failure to comply may lead to demotion or banning.

RULE ZERO: Do Not Annoy Inscrutable. Seriously. I will Ban You.

Strict Ordnances
2. Players are allowed to play in any damn gamemode they like.
Please respect peoples right to play survival, and do not harass or interfere.
Keep your hands off other's supplies, thanks!
3. NO BUSHFIRES or ARSON. All Fire Sources Must Be Contained.
4. NO PVP with non-consenting parties. Ask if you want a fight.
You can't fight anyone who is in Creative mode anyway.
5. Landmines and traps allowed IN YOUR OWN BUILDS ONLY.
6. Malevolence or wilful ignorance are not tolerated.
8. No Racism, personal abuse, threats or excessive swearing.
9. Use TNT with great care (if at all). Warn others nearby.
10. If you find a bug/exploit report it (pm or forum post) - don't abuse it

11. Redstone Machinery must be turned off or disabled before you log off.
Mechanisms that cause lag to the server may be summarily destroyed
unless an explanation and an off switch is provided.
12. Do not create any more Nether or End realms. Use the ones from world.
13. There is no rule 7.

General Guidelines

Talk, share, participate. This is a community, not single-player Minecraft.
Make something wonderful, in a place that gives you room to do so.
Please leave room around the Builds of other users, don't crowd them.

Try not to be an AssHat.
If there is a sign saying don't enter, it probably means you shouldn't enter.
If the stuff belongs to someone else, don't take it without their approval.
Don't take the food from others farms (and if you must, at least replant it!)
Telling staff that they are stupid is stupid, and might lead to some dire consequences.
Do try to bear in mind that not all our Enforcers carry that title...

If you see someone break a rule tell us about it
1. tell a moderator on the server
2. post about it here on the forum (in TROUBLE)
3. if you want you can pm us here on the forum
By talking these steps you are helping us make a better community

You are responsible for what happens with YOUR MC login account.
If someone other than you has access to your account, they can get you banned.
If this is the case, Change your password immediately! And never share it!

Basic rule of thumb: If you would object to other people doing it to you online,
then don't do it to other people online! Especially if it involves lava...
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Re: Rules of Yggdrasyl Server

Postby AquaClown » Fri Feb 24, 2012 10:13 pm

I AquaClown have read the rules of this server and i would like to be a citizen 8-)
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